Welcome to My Soaping Table

Welcome Friends:  I make gentle cleansing bars.  I am showing my latest batches of my handmade artisan soaps.  My soaps are vegetable oil based and approximately 95% to 100% natural.  I use natural cold pressed vegetable oils, botanical oils, organic herbs, resins, beeswax, goat milk, butter milk and lots of fun.  I add no chemicals to my soaps.  Sodium Hydroxide (lye) is used but once the oils are saponified the lye is no longer active and is no longer present in the soap.  There are no detergents, no parabens, no harmful chemicals added. 

This blog is going to give soap descriptions and a detailed list of my ingredients as well, with batch dates and best fresh dates. 

See my YouTube:  Video

Here's my soaping table and what two batches of tempered butters looked like.  Tempering butter is simply heating and straining butters and then pouring them into molds and letting them cool down quickly in the freezer.  This will enable the butters to appear more smooth and less grainy.  The butters will then behave better when using them in soap products.  My Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter come from Ghana.  I purchase both through a co-operative buying group(s).  I also purchase refined butters through a commercial supplier as well. The soaps on the table that you see are:  (1) Pastel green are made with French Green Clay, these are my fragrance free soaps; (2) Dark Brown are my soaps infused with Real Frankincense; (3) Dark Green are Peppermint Soaps; (4) Light Green small slices and cupcake shapes on the plate that are Irish Bars that are made with an Irish Fragrance and Peppermint Essential Oil.

I am showing you a little close up of what the pure goodness of these butters look like here.

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