Ayurveda Shampoo Released 01/08/18

Ayurveda Shampoo
Photo by Lisa M. Flood, All Rights Reserved

Ayurveda Shampoos Packaged
Photo by Lisa M. Flood, All Rights Reserved

These are shampoo soaps that are made with 28 ingredients, very much what you would expect in an Indian Ayurvedic Tradition where epic knowledge is appreciated.  They are loaded with Ayurveda herbs that are contained within the oil base and water base of the soap.  The herbs are known to prevent hair loss, to strengthen hair, and to encourage hair growth by supporting the health of your scalp and hair.   I have added Sandalwood Essential Oil as well, though the herbs may have overpowered it.  This is a 100% natural shampoo with no synthetic ingredients.

Ingredients:  A proprietary blend of natural cold pressed vegetable oils, Ayurvedic herbs, luxury oils, along with raw shea butter, Rose Damascena Floral Wax, and Sandalwood Essential Oil. 
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